Soccer Star!

Soccer Star!

So, Cameron’s Spring Soccer season is in full-swing again after a series of rain/snow-outs…and even though he had almost a month between games, he hasn’t missed a beat. I know I’m his father, so anything I say is obviously biased, but he is just SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!! I wish everyone could come to see one of his games because they are just such a blast. For those of you that haven’t had a chance to see one, the teams play two 15 minute periods – and they play 3-on-3 with no goalies. It works really well for the age-group and the kids have a lot of fun.
Hearing the ‘no goalies’ would lead you to believe that the score of the games would be high…on the contrary the games usually are in the 7-4, 10-5 area, as half of the game is usually a ‘mob’ of kids moving around the ball. The other half of the game is Cameron zoooooooming down the field and scoring. :) Last week we stopped keeping score, but if I had to venture a guess, I would say the final score was 14-1…and Cameron easily had 10 goals!! (and I think one of our team scored in the wrong net which would be the other team’s ’1′!)
And yes, I realize this whole post is just me bragging about my son, but you’re just going to have to deal with it because we are just so proud of him. He just seems to understand the game so well, and he just has so much fun. Jen and I don’t push him at all but he just really seems to pick it up.

Also, this year we have been treated to a wonderful set of coaches as well. He has two coaches and they are just outstanding with the kids…keeping it fun, but trying to help them get better at the same time. I feel they have been the best we’ve had throughout the last couple of years. The last couple games have been great, and the team is starting to really understand how to play ‘together’.
This weekend brings another Double-Header, so I thought I’d post a couple of homemade ‘trading cards’ I made for Cameron (they are ‘clickable’ for hi-res versions). Thanks for reading…and GO LIGHTNING BOLTS!!

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  1. Mom a.k.a. Grandma Jeanne

    Snow???Rain???in the forecast as I will be attempting to see a game in person for the 5th? time this Sunday. I can’t wait. See you soon.
    Love, Mom

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