Two Soccer Stars!

Two Soccer Stars!

So Spring has officially sprung…and so has ‘Spring Soccer’!! The exciting change this year is that both Ellie AND Cameron are strapping on the cleats and taking the field. Last weekend was the first games for both of them and it was a great day.
We were a little worried about how Ellie would do since she hasn’t played a team sport yet. Thankfully she did GREAT!! She was able to overcome a pretty good fall during practice and by the time the game was over she was the ONLY one playing for her team!! It was about 35 degrees outside (hence the coat!) so the rest of her team succumbed to the elements and ended up huddled in blankets on the sideline.
Once she got going she really was unstoppable. :) She ended with 3 goals – and if the goal was a foot wider, she would have had about 4 more! We are so proud of her and can’t wait to see how she develops over the season.

In addition to being Ellie’s ‘coach’ ( ;) ) – and #1 cheerleader – Cameron had his own game to play as well. Saying that Cameron’s games are a little more stressful to watch than Ellie’s is the understatement of the year. His games are sooooooo entertaining and exciting that they are almost hard to watch. These kids play so tough and literally leave it all out on the field.
Just a glance at the pictures below show how hard they are all trying. And when you add in the bigger field and referees – it is finally like watching a real game. Cameron played wonderfully (and got pretty beat up in the process!)…and almost had one of the best goals of the day. He dribbled the ball up the field and completely faked out the defensive player from the other team on the way to the goal (pic 2). He would have scored if he hadn’t gotten tackled right in front of the goal.

As I said before, we are SO proud of both of our little Soccer Stars! Hopefully some of you will be able to attend a game or two this year and cheer them on in person.
Wishing everyone the best…

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  1. Mom, a.k.a Grandma

    Great pictures and commentary!!!! We would so love to see games this year. Ellie does look like she truly gets it! Cameron’s pictures are great! Congratulate them for Grandma and Gramps. Thanks for the posting. Love you and miss you all.
    Love, Mom

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