New Website!


I have spent weeks getting this site up and running, and feel that it is finally ready to share with everyone.  It has a number of features that make it leaps and bounds better than our previous site.  I will detail these differences over the next month or so.  Please keep your eyes peeled for a series of posts titled:
 - Understanding Our New Site
 As for now, just feel free to poke around a bit and see what you can uncover!  As always, please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and I will constantly be making updates to ensure it is the best site possible.  And feedback is appreciated – just use the ‘Contact’ page for details.

Without further ado, please enjoy discovering our new site!!  I have migrated every post, picture, comment, etc. over from our old site – so at it’s core, things should look pretty familiar.


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