Reason #1,309 to Hate Internet Explorer

While talking to my mother tonight, I found out that our site doesn’t quite work right when using Internet Explorer.  For some reason, the hyperlink for the ‘Featured Post’ is extending waaaaay past it’s boundaries.  This makes our little link-buttons (YouTube, Flickr, Twitter) un-clickable.

Rather than go on a long rant about why I think Internet Explorer should be uninstalled from everyone’s CPU, I will just suggest that everyone downloads Mozilla Firefox – and use it as their default browser going forward.

Firefox is superior on numerous levels – and our site loves being viewed on Firefox. Why are you even still reading this? 
Download Firefox and start enjoying the web!

To sum up…

Firefox = Good
Internet Explorer = Fail

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  1. Matt Oldweiler

    I forgot to add that I AM working on fixing the problem. Hopefully I can get it figured out, but honestly – download Firefox. You will LOVE it.

    Take care,

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