Basketball Begins!

Basketball Begins!

This past weekend Cameron played in his first ever basketball game…and boy was it fun to watch.  It brought back so many memories of the games I used to play back in elementary school…there’s just something about the sound of a basketball game in a carpeted-gym.  Anyway, Cameron did great and had such a blast.  He had a handful of steals that resulted in fast break layups, and he even managed to score a few points as well.  He’s such a natural little athlete and we’re very proud of him.

Before we even made it to basketball, we were treated to a wonderful little ballet performance by Ellie.  She is a few classes in to her winter ballet class and is having a great time.  I think she’s also enjoying the fact that the class is much smaller than her last one – resulting in more personal time as well as just a ‘calmer’ setting.

And if that wasn’t enough for one weekend…Jen took the kiddos ice skating on Sunday!  PHEW!  I’m tired just thinking about all this stuff!  We hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and are having a great week.



  1. I think you forgot to mention more of the craziness of the weekend… We also bought Ellie’s Daisy tunic and book and drove down to Egypt to get Cameron’s Cub Scout outfit and book. It was busy, but it was a fun weekend! :)

  2. Mom (a.k.a.) Grandma

    Thanks for the new pics. The pics of Cameron’s game did bring back memories. Wish I could cheer on his team sometime.
    Ellie looks so graceful and peaceful in those pics!!!!
    Love them all.
    Love, Mom

  3. Matthew

    @ Jen
    You’re right! How could I forget that other stuff!! Ugh…what a busy weekend.

    @ Mom
    I’m sure Cam’ wishes you could cheer him on as well. And as for Ellie being ‘peaceful’…well, you know.

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