Are You Ready For Some Gluttony!!??

Are You Ready For Some Gluttony!!??

So it has finally arrived…Super Bowl Weekend!!!

This weekend always makes me think of two things:

  1. My AMAZING wife Jen
  2. Food

You see, it was just 11 short years ago that I first met Jen…and it was at a Super Bowl party when the Broncos won their first championship.  What an amazing day, that has resulted in 11 amazing years.  But you all know how much I love my wife…let’s get back to the food!!

It’s ‘food’ that separates Super Bowl Sunday from the other 51 ordinary Sundays of the year.  It’s the one day a year when it’s ok to wear sweatpants in the company of others…or when you don’t have to feel guilty for eating an entire bag of Doritos, as opposed to your normal 100 calorie pack.  I tend to mix it up a little each year, but here’s my shopping list of ‘must-haves’ for Sunday:

  • Hot Wings (the hotter the better!)
  • Coors Light (is anyone really surprised?)
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos (I honestly think I only eat these on Super Bowl Sunday!  Strange.)
  • Bratwurst (there’s no such thing as a Super Bowl if you don’t have a ‘Brat Hot Tub’ goin’ on your grill!)
  • Chips & Salsa (no-brainer)
  • Some sort of sweets (could be M&M’s, Skittles – whatever!)

And if you find yourself having a hard time about whether to serve burgers or nachos or brats or wings…let me help you out…serve burgers AND nachos AND brats AND wings!  Also, it doesn’t really matter if you care about the game or not – most people watch it for the commercials anyway – so grab a 6-pack and a bun and come on over!

As you get ready to watch the big game, why not take a minute to share what it is YOU will be over-indulging on?  And if it’s the Bacon Explosion – I’m coming over to your place!!



  1. Mom (a.k.a.) Grandma

    Will I ever know the whole truth about your first meeting…???:) I am just very happy you met each other. Love you.
    Love, Mom

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Nachos and Chili and beer! But it will just be the two of us. Have a fun day.

  3. Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

    We celebrated a little too much last night at a party for your Uncle Charle’s retirement but it’s Tangueray/Tonics,Spinach Dip/chips, Guacamole/Chips, some cheeses and then Grandma’s mushroom meatballs tonight!! Go Cardinals!!!!

  4. Jennifer

    I didn’t comment on this post earlier because I couldn’t decide if I had a favorite Super Bowl food…after tonight, I remember what it is. I LOVE Matt’s beer-soaked bratwurst (no pun intended) with onions and green bell peppers…yum!!!

  5. Matthew

    We kept it pretty tame compared to years past…but as Jen mentioned, we did have the ‘Brat Hot Tub’ in full effect!! Also lots of chips/snacks/etc.

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