Spring Soccer Is Here

Spring Soccer Is Here

Last weekend saw the start of Spring soccer for Cameron.  Out of all the sports he plays, I really enjoy watching him play soccer the most.  He just seems to have a natural talent for it and he does such a great job on the field.  Even though it was the first game of the season, his team looked great and played a wonderful game.  Cameron was on fire and scored 3 goals to start the season with a bang.

And while we enjoy watching his games – the same can’t necessarily be said for Ellie and CJ.  Don’t get me wrong – Ellie has been an amazing fan of her brother’s, having sat through dozens of games over the years – but she just seems to get a tad bored.  CJ on the other hand has no excuse, as he has never had to really sit through games.  Thankfully, they both had a nice huge field to run in and play…and Ellie even had a friend of hers show up which was nice.

So as we look forward to another great game tomorrow – I thought I would share some pics from last week.  We hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Great pictures – brings back memories of Jessica and soccer – she was the best on her team but soon horses took over! Looks like Cameron enjoys the game and plays really well

  2. Matthew

    Cameron did GREAT today!! His team won 1 – 0 and guess who scored the only goal?…CAMERON!

    We’re so proud of him!

  3. Love the pictures. He is really changing, growing up. Love the black & white/color shot! You are so clever. CJ looked cute standing in that field. Also love the Spring soccer and winter coat for Ellie shot!

  4. you removed the Shutterfly link? or am I just not seeing it?

  5. oops….just found it. Thank you!

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