I Need A Vacation

I Need A Vacation

Jen’s Birthday?  CHECK! Cory’s Birthday?  CHECK! Matt’s Birthday?  CHECK! Easter?  CHECK! Yes, we have tackled all of those major events in just the past 13 days.  Throw in some soccer games, ballet, major changes in both Jen and my workplaces, and a stomach bug for Cory and you can begin to understand the title of this post.  Without a doubt, this has been two of the busiest and most stressful weeks I can remember.  Don’t get me wrong, they have been great!  (just stressful)…

Even though we have started a new week, and we’re done with big events for a while – it looks like it will take a week or two to get back into our groove.  Looking back at the pictures from the past two weeks, I realize just how many special memories we have made recently…but man oh man is it tiring.  What really has made ‘getting back into a groove’ that much more difficult is the fact that CJ has been battling a bug for the past few days.  He started throwing up Saturday morning, and was still sick this afternoon.  At the doctor today we were told he has lost around 5 pounds in a few days!!  Poor little guy – his ‘Buddha belly’ he’s so proud of is now gone.  :(   I’m sure he’ll get it back soon enough.

Since I’m pretty pooped, I thought I would skip the ‘recap’ of the birthdays and Easter – and just post a few pics instead.  I’ll be uploading many more to Flickr later this week…but for now, here’s a few goodies!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  We’re looking forward to getting our routine back, and have some fun posts in the coming weeks.

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  1. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Hope things get back to “normal” for you all. The kids looks so great. A tough few days for you.

  2. Sickness and stress aside, we really did have a great few days. I don’t really remember how we got through it all, but looking back, I remember it being great! :)

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