The Surprise Of A Lifetime!

The Surprise Of A Lifetime!

We have been dreaming of this day for so many years…and now it has finally arrived!  Today is the day we take our kiddos to Walt Disney World for the first time!!  We couldn’t be more excited about this once-in-a-lifetime moment that will create memories to last a lifetime.  And as if taking the whole fam’ to Florida wasn’t a BIG enough event…we managed to make it even more memorable!  How you ask?  Well read on and find out…

So when we sat down to plan this big trip-ola in May, we knew we wanted it to be special.  We lumped on the special deals and the great hotels, but it was just lacking that one ‘POW’ moment.  That’s where Jen stepped in with her crazy/clever/insane/interesting/priceless idea to keep it a secret from the kiddos until the day we left!  That’s right…the kids woke up this morning without a clue they were on their way to the Magic Kingdom in Florida!

And while it made the difficult planning of such a trip even that much more difficult, I have a feeling it was worth the wait.  I can’t even get my head around the unbelievable surprise and excitement that must be going through their heads.  Truly, this will end up being one of those memories that is talked about for the rest of their lives.  (And just wait until they find out their Grandma is meeting them in Florida!!  Wowzers!!!)

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), we’ll be away for a bit – but don’t worry…we’ll have TONS of pictures and stories and memories to share upon our return!!
Until then, have a ‘magical day’ – I know we will!


  1. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    I am so excited and can’t wait to get there. Just wish THE Gramps could share it too. Next time! See you soon.

  2. have fun!!! say hello to Mickey for me.

  3. Have A GREAT time! Wish I could have made the trip.

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