A Truly ‘Magical’ Vacation

A Truly ‘Magical’ Vacation

So I have been procrastinating the inevitable ‘Disney-World-Post’ because I have no idea how to cram so many unbelievably amazing memories into a few paragraphs.  Alas, I have decided to not worry about trying to capture EVERYTHING, and I will just share some pictures of our unforgettable vacation.  Without question, this was – and will be – one of the most memorable times of our families life.

So, as you now know, Jen and I decided to surprise our kiddos with the news they were headed to Disney World.  When we finally told them (literally 30 minutes prior to heading to the airport), there was no screaming or jumping up and down.  Nope, there was just a SERIOUS amount of doubt and confusion amongst the kiddos.  In fact, Cameron really didn’t start to warm up to the idea until I was taking the six suitcases out of the car at the airport!!  Throughout the course of the day, it was so great to watch the reality sink in with each of the kiddos…and by the afternoon, you couldn’t scrape the smiles off their faces.  So special!

As for the trip, it was a magical/tiring/whirlwind/exhausting/memorable/amazing/special/etc. week spent in the friendly confines of Disney.  Rarely am I left at a loss for words, but I can’t even figure out where to begin with the stories.  For that reason, I will just say that I will never forget my first vacation to Disney World as a Dad – and I cannot wait to take our family back!!  And anyone who has the pleasure of hanging out with us over the next few months will undoubtedly be bored to tears with our never-ending stories of ‘what we did in Disney World’…so I will just post some pics and let you go about your business.

(And if you think this is the only Disney World post I’m going to do, well then you don’t know me very well at all ;) )

Here are a few of the hundreds of great pictures from our vacation:

PHEW!  That should do it for now!!  We hope you enjoy the pics…and there is a LOT more to come :)  In fact…….head on over to our Flickr account and you’ll see another 20 or 30 right now!!!


Until the next post…we hope everyone is having a ‘magical’ Autumn like we are!
Take care,


  1. Rusty

    Gram – Mom Certainly had the time of her life with you guys! Go Rockies – we need a Rockies Red Sox series So I can have another Buffalo Burger!

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    It was a wonderful, perfect trip and what memories we all have! Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it. I had an unbelievable time. Can’t wait to look at all the pics. Miss you all.

  3. Jennifer

    I agree…it was really one of the best vacations EVER!!! I can’t believe Matt didn’t tell the story about the torrential downpour our first night there, the kids being so soaked that their underwear needed rung out, and our luggage not being delivered to our room. It’s funny to think that’s how our trip started… Thank goodness it turned around rather quickly! :)

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