How Do I photOldweiler?

How Do I photOldweiler?

So… admittedly…this post is not the most earth-shattering/jaw-dropping update ever – but I wanted to break up the Disney-mania a bit (so deal with it!)  Honestly though, this is just intended to be a little reminder that we have another site (which we update regularly) that includes some wonderful photographs and stories.  Also, I thought I would provide a little help with how to ‘use’ the site, since there seems to be some confusion.  Read on for more info!

Perhaps it’s not confusion, just lack of effort, which is fine (and expected ;) )…but regardless, here is how to use the photo site to its fullest potential…

1. Each picture contains both a hi-res version, as well as a description.  To view the hi-res you can simply hover over the thumbnail and click on the small magnifying glass that appears…

2. Clicking this will bring up a hi-res version of the picture for your viewing pleasure.  Now, if you like the picture and want to learn more about it, you can simply hover over the thumbnail again and click on the ‘Read More’ link that appears.

3. Doing so will bring up information about the photo, the ability to view a hi-res version, the ability to leave a comment, the ability to vote, etc.  Wait….did you say ‘vote’?  YES! Actually one of the most intriguing features of this site is one of the least used by its visitors (ironic).  Once in the details of a photo (via clicking on the ‘Read More’ link), you will notice a bar right below the title.  This bar contains details as to when the picture was posted as well as a couple of buttons:

4. There is a red X and a green check mark…and they’re fairly self-explanatory.  Of course, if you need further explanation, simply hover over them and they’ll state ‘like’ or ‘dislike’.  Clicking on the check mark will state you like the picture.  Plain and simple.  On your next visit (if you’ve voted) you will see the buttons replaced by a rating:

5. So I know you all are bored to tears by now…but I think the voting is a neat feature of the site (and it literally takes seconds!!)  On the front page of the site is a ‘Top Rated’ section that is 100% driven by the votes received on the pictures.  So don’t be shy…click a button :)

We hope you are enjoying the site, and encourage you to keep checking back.  And remember, just click on the little camera icon to the upper-right here and you’ll be taken straight to the site.

Take care (until the next ‘Disney-post!’),


  1. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Thanks for the tutorial, it is helpful. We are back and anxious to practice what I just learned. Thanks for the updates. Love, Mom

  2. Mom (aka Grandma)

    I seem to be having an issue-I know a big surprise- with trying to vote on some that have votes already. I can’t seem to bring up the X & check mark. Please tell me it isn’t me???
    Thanks for the great “how to”. Love your camera. Love You Too.

  3. Mom (aka Grandma)

    In response to my post left just seconds ago….I bet it is because I already voted earlier and forgot. OOPS! Oh, well, I keep your site interesting with my witty replies.

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