Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We want to wish everyone a safe and spook-tacular Halloween!  It should surprise NO ONE that the temperatures in Colorado are downright freeeeeezing, but we would expect nothing less for trick-or-treating.  As you can see from the picture above, we have our house all decorated and ready for a fun night…what else do we have planned?

Let’s see, after running a few errands and doing what needs to be done around the house, we will start bundling up in our costumes later this afternoon.  We have some good friends coming over to join us as we scour the neighborhood in search of as much cavity-causing-goodies we can find.  After the kiddos (or parents that is) freeze solid, we will come back home and watch a couple Halloween movies as we enjoy a few drinks and treats by the fire.

We certainly hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Halloween – and we can’t wait to see pictures of what everyone decided to dress up as.  (I will post pictures of our trick-or-treaters next week!)



  1. Charley & Kathy

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you!!! Bundle up and have fun trick or treating tonight.
    Love, Charley & Kathy

  2. I was just checking in to see how your Halloween was. I actually was glad it was so WARM this year. Although, I was the only one wearing a coat.

    I was surprised and honored to be in your “blogs you read”. Thanks!

  3. Great pumpkins! Where’s the snow?

  4. Mom(aka Grandma)

    Love your home during each of the holidays. Lots of fun and love involved. Look forward to the pictures this month and before you know it we will be out there.

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