December is upon us, and with it comes the Christmas shopping season.  In the spirit of giving, I decided to give myself a brand new HD Camcorder :)  To be fair, the gift was for our family in hopes of getting better at recording our wonderful kiddos as they grow up.  While we have 20,000+ digital pictures, we have very few videos.  So…I’m about to change that!

This camera is nothing fancy but it seems to do the trick.  It is small (so I can take it anywhere), and the software is incredibly intuitive (so I can compile my videos in a matter of minutes!).  While we’ve had a youtube account for years, we have never really put a whole lot of content on it.  In fact, the two I added this weekend almost doubled our tally!

I will try to do a post on here whenever we add some good new videos – and we encourage you to head on over to YouTube to see if there’s any you might have missed.  For now, enjoy Cory in his first holiday program:

From the YouTube description:

On December 11, 2009, Cory had his first holiday program. His daycare put on a show and his class sang one song.
Perhaps I should clarify ‘sang’. You might think the camcorder is malfunctioning since you can’t hear any singing…but in fact it was working fine. Perhaps it was the nerves, but we couldn’t hear anyone singing AT ALL! Still, they were cute, and Cory was really good at doing the motions.

We hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.  Take care!


  1. Matthew

    He’s on the far right btw! :)

  2. Mom (aka Grandma)

    Love it!!!!!

  3. Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

    Ahhhhhh!! So cute!! I know how it is to work with 3-4 yr. olds for programs………you sing more than they do!!! He is so darn cute, but of course you already know that. Merry Christmas to all!!!
    Love, Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

  4. Fantastic! The one thing I don’t like about tiny, light camcorders is that it’s too easy to swing them around too easily. This is no comment on your videography, just why I prefer the still camera. BTW, Jeremy’s buddy = Jeremy’s RSVP and Jeremy’s host gift. Good luck!

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