Anyone Looking To Gain Weight?

Anyone Looking To Gain Weight?

Yes?  Well you’re in luck!  It’s that special time of year where you can put down that 100 Calorie pack, shove that newly-created diet in the drawer, throw the scale in the trash and bust out the sweatpants.  That’s right…it’s time to buy one of the last legal drugs Girl Scout Cookies from my darling daughter!!

Those of you who know me well at all know that I have a HUGE peeve about parents selling cookies (or whatever) for their children.  I will not buy Girl Scout cookies from a Girl Scout’s mom, but I will buy them from a Girl Scout.  So you won’t see me tossing the order form around at work – but you will see Ellie roaming the neighborhood (and Jen’s work!) with her cute little tunic on, spreading the joy (and fatness) to anyone who’s interested.

To that end, since a lot of our family and friends aren’t lucky enough to buy from her directly, Jen thought it would be a good idea to put together a little video.  This way, you are ‘technically’ still buying from her!!  :)

If you would like to read up on the numerous types of goodness, you can do so here.  If you would like to buy any, just go ahead and drop us an email or phone call and we’ll get your order added!

Ellie is sooooo excited to be selling this year, and we really appreciate anyone who would like to help out her troop.



  1. mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Great video. Gramps and I would love to buy some cookies…of course that means you will need to send them to us…you don’t get to eat them all. Tell Ellie that the girl scout cookies were $.35 when I sold them. Gramps just said “me loves cookies”. Will get our order to you tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. Ellie is absolutely adorable!! Of course we will be buying some from her:) We will make sure to see you before the sales are over. Chris’s favs-samoas. Mine-tagalongs. Emily…well we will have to find out!

  3. Gramps

    Yes Me love cookies!!

    Order coming soon! To an email near you!

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