A Day On the Slopes

A Day On the Slopes

After a year off, Jen and the kiddos are back in the skiing-groove!  The went a week ago and had a fantastic time…and are heading back up to the mountains this weekend for another day of fun in the snow.  It looks as if the year off took away none of their skills, as everyone did fantastic and had a wonderful time with their friends.  Jen even snagged a couple videos as well!

Since the kids are continuing their lessons, everyone went back to Eldora Ski Resort.  It is nice and close, and it has a great program for children learning how to ski.  And just like a couple of years ago, our great friends (and neighbors) were able to go at the same time.  This just works out great because Cameron and Ellie get to ski with some of their best friends, and Jen has someone to ski with as well (since my old, pathetic body couldn’t make it through one fall!).

Anyway, here are some pictures from their day on the slopes, as well as a video of both Cameron and Ellie in action!  Enjoy!!

Cameron in action:

Ellie showing everyone how it’s done:

Hope everyone is having a great 2010!!
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  1. Gramps

    Love it – What Great skiers!

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Cameron was really going great, too bad he had to stop :) Ellie looked like she would have loved to be going faster. Glad it was a fun day. Thanks for the videos!

  3. I learned to ski at Eldora. If I didn’t hate the cold so much maybe I’d take my poor little Colorado babies to the regional fun.

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