There’s Monkeys On Our Site!

There’s Monkeys On Our Site!

This is a very special week for Ellie at school, as she was chosen to be the “Monkey of the Week”!  Now, to the uninformed, that might sound a little confusing – but don’t underestimate the excitement this title can create.  All weekend long Ellie was super-excited to get back to school on Monday.  So…just what can cause my daughter to want to go back to school on Monday?

Ellie’s class mascot is the monkey, and each week they draw a different students name out of a hat to see who will be the ‘monkey of the week’.  If they are lucky enough to have their name drawn, they get to bring in toys, pictures, books, etc. from home to share with their class throughout the week.  Ellie has brought a number of items, but she thought it would be neat to show the class her family’s website!  Great idea!

So…with the introductions taken care of…let me be the first to welcome Mrs. Thompson’s 1st Grade class to!!  :)

I have gone ahead and chosen a few stories you might find interesting, and provided the links below.  I hope you enjoy this little tour of Ellie’s Family Website!

If you ever wondered how Ellie lost those two front teeth, click here to read about it!

* * *

Perhaps you would like to read about our trip to Disney World?  Click here!

* * *

Or maybe you would like to see some pictures of our family cottage we go to in Michigan each summer?

We hope you enjoyed this little peek at Ellie’s family website – and you can feel free to browse around more if you want.  But for now, I think it’s probably time you get back to class!!

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  1. Mom (aka Grandma)

    What a great idea for Ellie. The site is such a great way to store your memories. I love it, as you already know! Great job.

  2. Look at those pictures and stories. Those are SOOO cute. We really liked the writing. You are a good writer. We loved the sunset pictures. We liked seeing Ellie staring off at the world: it was cute! You should see how Ms. Thompson reacted when she saw the smiley girl. She said, “Aw, so cute! That’s a smiley girl!” We’re so glad that Ellie’s the Monkey of the Week. You can come check out our website too. Matthew and all of the Oldweilers ROCK!!!

    The Monkeys (oooh oooh ah ah)

    P.S. I love you daddy! You rock! Love, Ellie

  3. Ellie Oldweiler

    P.S. Love Love for my daddy and Mommy too.

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