Happy 3rd Birthday Cory!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Cory!!

Wow…wow…wow!  It is so hard to believe that our youngest is now three years old!!  I find myself unable to put into words how amazing it is to see our youngest grow into such a wonderful little boy.  He’s as cute as can be (duh! just look at that picture!!), as smart as can be, as polite as can be, as funny as can be…well, you get the point.   Come on in and wish CJ his happiest birthday yet!

So, it’s a given that pretty much any time Jen or I open up our mouths we will be talking about our kiddos.  They ARE perfect after all.  And oddly enough, the most common topic we find ourselves discussing about our children is how different Cameron and Ellie are.  What makes it interesting is that Cory popped up, and wound up being the perfect mix of the two of them:  athletic like Cameron, yet goofy like Ellie…’all-boy’ like Cameron, yet creative like Ellie…etc.  And best of all, he has the biggest heart imaginable – and THAT he gets from both Cameron and Ellie!

So as hard as it is to swallow that our baby is now THREE!!, it is time to wish him all the best, and (e)sing him a happy birthday song:

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday dear CJ…
Happy birthday to you!

Here’s hoping everyone is having as fantastic of a Spring as we are!  Hope to see you all soon!


  1. Gramps

    Happy Birthday! Cory – Have a really fun day!

    Love Gramps

  2. Grandma Jeanne

    Happy Birthday, Cory. Hope you have a fun day and a fun party tomorrow. We miss you. Love you lots!

  3. Molly

    Happy Birthday Cory(Dewey)! 3!?! You are such a big boy. We hope you have a fantastic, super, awesome, wonderful, outstanding day!!!
    Molly, Chris, and Emily (Elimy)

  4. Uncle Wanderer

    So sorry I’m late, but Happy Birthday from one Cory to another.

  5. Charley & Kathy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cory!!!! We hope you have a wonderful 3rd birthday!!!

    Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

  6. Great Grandma Merle

    A very happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old! Love you. Great grandma Merle

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