The New Style

The New Style

So…hopefully by now you have noticed that there’s something different ’round these parts!  That’s right – after serving us well for the past year or so, I finally decided it was time to change up our website design.  Although the ‘old’ look offered a lot of bells and whistles, sadly they came with a price (it always frustrated me how slllooowww the old page loaded).  So…out with the old and in with the new…have a look at some of the great new features at!

As I mentioned before, the old style was so cumbersome and slow when opening in a browser, it almost made it not worth visiting at times.  Due to both its backend design, and multiple plugins, the site took an average of 17sec to load…FAR too slow for a family website.  With this new design, I am averaging less than 2sec to load!  Talk about a significant improvement!

Of course, there are other advantages in addition to the speed.  Here are just a few new features you can enjoy with this updated design:

  • updated lightbox feature for photos
  • page/sub-page navigational menus
  • integrated slideshow from photoldweiler
  • ‘videos’ category

And perhaps one of the neatest additions I made with this new design was to implement a mobile version of our website!  Those of you who have ‘touch-based’ smartphones can now enjoy a streamlined and easy-to-navigate version of right on your phone (or iPod touch).  Here are a couple screenshots showing how the mobile version looks:

As always, there is bound to be a few hiccups along the way – and I will constantly be tweaking things here and there – but I hope everyone likes the new design and features!!  And now that this re-design is done, I can finally get back to posting updates on here!!


Diggin' the Stripes


  1. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Really like it and glad it will work better for you. Look forward to the updates. Love, Mom

  2. Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

    I was concerned today as I had tried to get on your web site and it wouldn’t come up………..but now I can see why! Like the new approach to keeping us all updated on what’s going on in your busy lives. :-) We will look forward to your updates.

    • Matthew

      Yeah…with this update I also changed the address of our site to be just (no longer is’/wordpress’ part of the link).

      You’ll need to update any bookmarks to the current site :)

  3. Rusty

    I’m liking this one alot! GREAT work!

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