I’m so proud…

I’m so proud…

I just wanted to share an email that Jen and I received today from Cameron’s teacher.  I know what you’re thinking (because it’s what I was thinking too) – getting an email from your kiddos teacher is usually NOT a good thing, but in this case it was!

Here is the email that literally turned my day around, and made me so proud of what an amazing little guy Cameron is developing into:

I just wanted to tell you something cool Cameron did today.  There were 3 different ribbon events for field day and Cameron won all three.  He is extremely athletic! :)  There was another child that has been trying to win a blue ribbon for years and was SO close but didn’t win.  This student won another event that didn’t have ribbons. Cameron noticed this and went right up to him and gave him one of his blue ribbons and told him he wanted him to  have his blue ribbon b/c he deserved it. :)  What an awesome son you have!  I was VERY proud of him for being so thoughtful.  I’m really going to miss him next year. :(

How great is that!?!  Ugh…I just love him so much and just wanted to share this with you.  And please feel free to leave a comment for Cameron, as I will be showing him this post later tonight!

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  1. Rusty

    I am very proud of one awesome Grandson! Cameron Rocks!

  2. Carol

    Cameron, giving your ribbon to your friend was very nice. You are a very special young man and I am proud to know you. Love, Miss Carol

  3. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Wow! I am so very proud of you. What a wonderful thing you did today. You taught alot of others what it is to be kind, thoughtful, and a caring person. That is the boy I know and love!!!

  4. Uncle charley & Aunt Kathy

    We are very proud of all your accomplishments ( winning all the blue ribbons) and what you did for the other boy, giving him one of your ribbons! Your values are impeccable. You’re truly a special young man. Love you,
    Uncle Charley & Aunt Kathy

  5. Enrique

    Go Go Cam! That’s super awesome! I love hearing about things like this. Kids are so amazing when you’re not watching. :D

  6. Molly

    So wonderful! We had field day last Friday, and one of the things that made me enjoy it sooooo much this year was all of the kindness, support, and teamwork that I saw. I think it is OUTSTANDING that Cameron is one of those kiddos that makes my heart feel so good! You must be so proud of him:) I wish he was going to be one of my fourth graders next year!!

  7. Kelly Mowrey

    Cameron- what a kind gesture to share your ribbon with the other boy. That really showed what a neat person you are and made your parents and teacher SO proud!

    Kelly Mowrey (Mike and Amy’s neighbor)

  8. Matthew

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! You should see how giddy Cameron gets when he reads them :)

  9. Oh then I will leave a comment, although I don’t know how I can type with these gigantic hands. ANYWAY, my husband relayed this story at the dinner table, and my child, who shall remain nameless but thinks of Cameron as one of his best buddies, was very thrilled to think what a cool and thoughtful kid he has for a friend.

    • Matthew

      Sadly, the ‘gigantic hands’ will be lost on everyone else, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

      And thanks for the response from Z :) Cameron will be psyched.

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