Family Reunion – 2010

Family Reunion – 2010

Another 4th of July with family has come and gone.  And while it’s only been a week since we returned from New Mexico, I already find myself reflecting on the peacefulness and beauty of the land we get to enjoy once a year, and the memories of family we don’t see nearly often enough.

After a somewhat eventful drive down (rain! rain! rain!), we had our campsite set up before dinner on Friday night.  Most of the night was spent greeting family members as they arrived, and eating a great meal around the campfire.  I decided to call it a night fairly early while Jen stayed up and caught up with what’s been going on in her cousins lives.

Saturday brought with it lots of baseball…hiking…cooking…eating…and more.  Cameron loved spending time with his cousins, and Ellie was in heaven getting to play with the numerous little puppies running around the campsite.  It’s amazing how much gets crammed into such a short visit – but all the kids did great, and made memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Sadly, we had to pack up and head back home Sunday…but not until we had enjoyed one last meal with our family.  We made it home just before dinner, and after some much-needed showers (honestly – we were disgustingly filthy), we lit of some fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July!  It was a wonderful weekend, and we can’t wait until next year.

Below are some pictures from our weekend.  I attempted to organize them into little groups…so I hope you enjoy :)   (…and there’s also a few more over on our Flickr account)

No reunion would be complete without the mandatory ‘family pics’.  This year was a little tougher than years past since we decided to take the pictures at night, as opposed to during the day.  Even though the quality is not the best, the pictures are still fun to look at.  The first is of the ‘Cousins’…the second is ‘Cousins-extended’…and the last is of most of the family (aside from those taking pictures, or those who weren’t there at the time of the picture):

Without fail, I am always amazed by how incorrect my perception of New Mexico was before visiting.  I always pictured a desolate landscape full of cactus and dirt.  Obviously, that is far from the truth, and the landscape is incredibly picturesque.

Of course after all the meals/hiking/resting/cooking and everything else that makes up the day…some of the best times of the weekend are just sitting around the campfire with family.  This year was no exception as everyone played guitar, sang, laughed, and enjoyed the company into the wee hours of the morning…

Until next year…

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  1. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Very nice post, great pictures. Looks like you really had a great time.

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