MICHIGAN 2010:  The Videos

MICHIGAN 2010: The Videos

Well…..we’re back!!  It was a wonderful vacation that has (again) provided us with memories to last a lifetime.  But as we try to ease back into our routines (and crawl out of the mountain of laundry), it is taking a little longer to get the pictures organized and blog post written up.  So, I thought this would be a good time to post up the videos I made while we were on vacation!

Any of you who are friends of mine on Facebook have already seen a few of these…but there are a couple new ones in the mix.  And those of you who haven’t seen any of them, man are you in for a treat!! ;)  Let’s just say I fell a little too in love with my iPhone during this vacation.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse at some of the special times during our visit to Michigan.

Video #1:
This video includes the last few minutes of our drive to the cottage. No matter how many times I make that turn onto Omigisi Beach Rd, I still get the chills. Such a special place.

Video #2
With this video I just wanted to capture a little bit of the beauty and ‘neatness’ that is Fish Town. Of course, no visit to Fish Town is complete without a stop at Rick’s. I love this place and I’m a little ticked off I only made it there ONCE this year!! Grrrrr.

Video #3
We were so lucky to have almost every day be a ‘beach day’ this year. In fact, there was only one day where we didn’t head down to the water. The day I recorded this video was a little cloudy and windy, but the kids still had a blast. And talk about strange…what a strange site seeing a gigantic helicopter fly overhead!!??

Video #4
Here’s a video showing one of our family’s FAVORITE day-trips…Glen Arbor. Only a short 30 minute drive from our cottage (through beautiful countryside), this stop has everything: fantastic restaurant (Art’s), fantastic tourist attraction (Cherry Republic), and even a toy store for the kiddos. Just perfect.

Video #5
This is just a silly little video I threw together because I like playing on my iPhone. The first day of the drive home was loooooooooong and marred with rain, construction, etc. It was such a relief to check into our hotel and be greeted with an amazingly clean, huge, and perfect hotel room!

Thanks for watching!  And I should have our picture-post up soon…so keep checking back!!

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  1. Rusty

    You guys had a great vacation! We are sure looking forward to our brief visit there in a couple of weeks!

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Great videos. I love watching them. Saw CJ was wearing Gramps shirt in the last one. Looks like a great time was had by all.

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