A Championship Weekend

A Championship Weekend

As I stumble through the amazing journey of being a parent, I am starting to realize there will be certain moments that stick with me forever.  That not only define my role as a parent, but also teach me lessons about what being a parent ‘is’.  This weekend was one of those moments.

As you know, Cameron has been playing soccer for almost six years now, and over the years we’ve had many memorable moments;  from exciting victories to disappointing defeats, we have experienced them all.  So as we set out early Saturday morning for the Colorado Youth Soccer Champions Cup (CYS Cup), I was almost more nervous than excited about how the weekend would progress.

From the Colorado Youth Soccer website, the CYS Cup is defined as follows:

The CYS Cup is the most significant tournament that a Colorado Recreational Team can enter. The winner in each division (U9-U19) is the official state recreational champion.

Pretty big deal if you ask me!  Cameron’s team played their first game Saturday morning at 8:00am.  Temperature at game-time was a frigid 46 degrees (with an unwelcome breeze to boot!).  The weather didn’t slow them down at all as they cruised to a 6-0 victory!  Next on the schedule was a 12:30 game against a much tougher opponent.  The kids played so hard and ended up tied 2-2 after a grueling and physical 40 minutes.  At the end of the day I was so proud of Cameron and his entire team.  I knew if they won two out of their three games they had a chance for the Semi-Final game, so I wasn’t sure how the tie would affect their chances.  Either way, they played hard and we all headed home for the day feeling energized and excited about Day Two.

Sunday brought with it another 8:00am game, but thankfully the temperature was a little warmer.  Perhaps it has something to do with playing at the crack of dawn, an hour from home, because the kiddos played another solid game, breezing to a 5-1 victory.  Cameron played a solid game and got his first two goals of the tournament!  Thanks to this strong win, his team was now in the Semi-Final game at 12:30!

I have to say that if Cameron or any of his teammates were nervous, or anxious about the game, it didn’t show.  Me on the other hand?  Ugh…I sat nervously on the sidelines, wringing my hands in anticipation for the game to start – as well as be over!  I watch how hard these kids push themselves and I really wanted them to succeed, and feel proud of their effort.  Thankfully, the Semi-Final game proved to be fairly ‘stress-free’ as Cameron scored another goal, and his team played to a wonderful 4-0 win.  Next stop:  Championship Game.

So to be clear, any nerves I had earlier in the day seemed like a distant memory, and I was now a ball of stress huddled quietly in my chair on the sideline.  Our opponent in the game was the team we played to a 2-2 tie the previous day, and I just had a bad feeling things might not go good for our team.  After a memorable start to the game, complete with an ‘International style’ introduction, the game began.  All the kids had to be on fumes at this point, playing their fifth game in 36 hours, but it didn’t show.  Both sides were flying up and down the field, pushing their bodies to the limit on every play.  Even though we were up 2-0 at halftime, I couldn’t calm down and watched the minutes tick away in the second half.   A second-half goal by the Edge brought the score to 2-1, and my heartrate to 200bpm.  But…

…thankfully, as the clock hit all zeroes, the scoreboard read 3-1 – and Cameron and his team were U9 Boys Champions!!

Everyone spent the next hour watching the team joke around with each other, get their medals, and just soak in the feeling of being a Champion.  I spent the time just watching Cameron relish in that feeling of ultimate joy.  Of taking in the moment, and savoring every last drop.  I realized at that time that I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud of him…for setting out with a difficult goal, and working incredibly hard to earn that goal.  For never giving up, and pushing himself to the limit – both physically and mentally – to reach that goal.  I’m always amazed at how much I learn from my children, and I hope they learn as much from me.  One thing’s for certain though…his smile that afternoon will stay with me until the end of time.

Since I was so focused on watching the games, I (sadly) didn’t get a lot of pictures.  I was able to snap a few, and I hope you enjoy browsing through some images from an amazing day!

I hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as I did – but I just don’t see how that would be possible ;)  Thanks so much for stopping by…

PS – And if I wasn’t already overflowing with pride for Cameron, he also spent 3.5 hours working on his project that was due today.  And he didn’t complain once!  Seriously…Cory and Ellie better invent time-travel or solve world hunger if they want to keep up with their brother!


  1. LOVE your post! I felt pretty darned proud of them, too. And I love your pictures…especially the one of Cameron and Jakey! You have a great kid (three, actually) on your hands! ;o)


    • Matthew

      Thanks Meg ;)

      I have a couple good pics of Jakey (including one of him getting tangled up with that kid in the Semi-final game! :) ) I’ll make sure to send them to you.

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    You are right. What a smile. We noticed that from the pic Jen sent to our phones last night. Really has grown since we saw him in March, looks so much older. So proud of him. Love the pictures. We’ll be at a game soon. Great post.

  3. Karen S. Klamm (UOP Instructor)

    You do have a lot to be proud of Matt! Congratulations! I appreciate you providing me an opportunity to bask in one of the many highlights I am sure you and your family experience. My guess is Cory and Ellie have their own list of accomplishments just like Cameron and their Dad!

  4. It really was an amazing weekend. Cameron and the goalie on his team were dubbed the MVPs of their team for the tournament. What a fabulous (and exhausting) weekend. :)

  5. Rusty

    The Gramps is very happy and proud! That was a very exciting weekend! Nice job MO on the web site clean and easy.

    See you guys very soon!

    Love The Gramps!

  6. Stephanie Schoolmeester

    I am SOOOO proud of you Cameron! Way to go!!!!!

    Lots of love,
    Mrs. Schoolmeester

  7. Marilyn Robbins

    There is nothing in life that will give you greater satisfaction than that of being a parent! Every accomplishment, great or small, is nothing short of a miracle. Enjoy every minute. . .every goal. They grow up much too fast. Congratulations to your whole family!!!

  8. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Great grandma Merle tried leaving a message and it came back as an error. Wonder if you got it?

    • Matthew

      Nope…never got it. Not sure what ‘error’ it would have been, but I would just try it again ;)

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