A Magical Return!

A Magical Return!

Honestly, I have to be the luckiest guy on earth…for I have now enjoyed not one, but TWO magical journeys to Walt Disney World with my amazing family.  There’s just something about these vacations that get me all giddy inside just thinking about them.  As most of you know, Jen and I surprised the kiddos (again) with their second visit to Disney World, and the trip was just incredible.  I have some pictures to share, but if you have ever visited this site before, you know I have to ramble on for a while first ;)

So…I think it warrants being mentioned first that Jen and I are blessed with three absolutely wonderful kiddos!  Cameron, Ellie and CJ are such experienced and perfect little travelers, and they make big undertakings like this so much less stressful than they could be.  Planes…late nights…early mornings…walking…etc – they do it all!  And to be honest, they do it with little-to-no complaining (or at least no more complaining than I do ;) )

As for the trip, this year we spent eight days and nights bipping around Disney World.  And since it was our second visit in 12 months, we were able to use our lessons-learned from the previous trip and make this one more relaxing while still hitting all the sights.  We visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney and Hollywood Studios multiple times each, and really never felt rushed or stressed at all.  And even though we had some 18+ hour days, everyone seemed to take it in stride and just enjoy the moment.  Heck…even the weather cooperated and gave us eight days of 70+ degree temps with no rain :)

Even though we’ve been home for a few days now, there hasn’t been much time to sort through and edit pics.  But since I really wanted to get this post up before it became out-of-date, I chose a handful of ones that gave a little glimpse of the fun times we had and got ‘em edited/uploaded/etc.  Here’s just a small glimpse of our amazing vacation…and I’ll be creating a Flickr album soon with more pictures.  Also, some YouTube videos are coming soon too…so keep checking back here for updates!  Now…on to the pictures!

Ugh…what a GREAT TRIP!!!  Like I said…more pictures and videos are coming soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. What a great trip – vacation I would think a vacation to rest after this vacation may be in order! Wish we could have been there for a day or 2!

    Love The Gramps and Rusty

  2. Shaun Cornforth

    WOW Nico, your boy has a Fiorentina shirt :D my fav team in Serie A, how come he/you chose that ? That’s so random from a country that doesn’t like soccer lol (i know you and your family do)

    • Matthew

      Torn’…My brother travels all over Europe and he brought that back for Cameron as a souvenir years ago. Cameron wears it ALL THE TIME! Too funny. I tell him all the time about ‘my friend who goes to the Arsenal games’…I’ll have to tell him that you recognized his shirt. He’ll be psyched!

  3. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    What wonderful pictures. Love them all and can’t wait to see more. As Gramps says, wish we could have been there with you….NEXT TIME!

  4. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Forgot….love the Rusty’s Outdoor Power Equipment shirt Cory had on :)

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