Our family is now one ‘unit’ larger thanks to our newest addition…Flash!  Jen and the kiddos have been begging me for months to get another puppy, and although it isn’t exactly my decision, it was important to have everyone interested in the addition.  I have to admit I was not too interested in getting a new puppy…that is until I saw the picture of this little guy.  Jen worked tirelessly for months – scouring the web for just the right dog.  When she sent me a picture of Flash, I told her to “Get him!”

This purchase was a little different than heading down to the local shelter or pet store however, as Flash didn’t reside in our state!  Born in Missouri, we had to pay for a plane ticket and go pick him up at DIA.  It was so strange (and exciting) to go to the airport and meet our new puppy.  The kids were giddy as can be the entire week leading up to his arrival – and they really haven’t stopped hounding him since he joined our family.

So for some reason we went and got another black dog…which doesn’t present any problems other than the fact that they are next to impossible to photograph!  We will undoubtedly be taking lots of pics of our new dog over the next weeks/months/years – so I’m sure you’ll all get to see just how cute he is.  For now you’ll have to settle for just a few pics:


  1. Mom (aka Grandma)

    Thought I had posted to this. OOPS! Love the pictures. By the way, how is the “potty training” coming along?

  2. Mom (aka Grandma)

    How about an update on how Flash is doing????

    • Matthew

      Flash is slowly becoming the boss of the house. Still having an issue or two with accidents inside, but seems to be getting better.

      Also, he’s a gigantic hairball right now since he’s about 6 weeks overdue for a haircut (goes in next Thursday).

      He’s a lot of fun…a LOT of work…but a lot of fun.

  3. Mom (aka Grandma)

    Can’t wait to meet him! Hopefully he is keeping Shadow young!

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