A Fantastic (and frigid!) New Years!

A Fantastic (and frigid!) New Years!

Talk about starting off 2011 with a bang! We had such a special end to 2010…and it honestly ranks up there as one of my favorite New Year’s celebrations ever. Usually we spend NYE at home with friends and family, but this year I decided to mix things up a bit. I surprised the family with a little trip to Estes Park, and we stayed in a condo just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. Yep…the same condo we stayed in when I surprised everyone with a Valentine’s Day vacation that ended early due to the stomach flu. Thankfully, this trip went MUCH better.

We got up to snowy Estes around 3:00 on New Years Eve and immediately headed into RMNP for some sledding. Since snow is hard to come by in Westminster this year we have to trek into the mountains for these simple pleasures. What I didn’t plan on however was the temperatures in the mountains. When we pulled into the sledding area, the temperature read -9 degrees!! When we factored in the wind chill it was a (frigid) -32 degrees Farenheit!! Lucky for us our kids our troopers, and we proceeded to sled for nearly an hour. In fact, it was so cold that our inflatable innertube shattered into pieces. Not popped…but shattered! Like plastic! Crazy.

Anyway, after some sledding we headed back to the condo where we took warm baths/showers, and warmed up in front of the fire with some home cooked chili and cornbread. We spent the night playing games and having a fantastic time. Like I said…it was one of the best New Years of my life!! Here are a few pics of our day/night:

And just to prove how cold it was, here are a few ‘profile pics’ of our family. Notice the icicles on scarves, hats, and eyelashes!!! And even though Ellie looks a little miserable, she was having a blast ;)

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful 2011!


  1. You think Ellie looks miserable? What’s up with my eye? YIKES!

  2. Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

    Love those close-ups! Think I need to get a 5 photo frame and put those in it! Have to say, the picture of you, Matt, makes ol’ mom here hurt for you! You all look like you were dressed warmly but those temps make it pretty impossible to feel warm. Fantastic pictures, fun times, great memories. Thanks for the post. Love you all.

  3. It looks very cold! Great post and a great beginning to a really great year!

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