A lot going on…

A lot going on…

I realize this blog has gotten quite dusty over the past few months, but no worries.  One day, when the schedule lightens a bit, I will get back to maintaining the goings-on of good ol’ oldweiler.com.  For now I thought I would just spew some random mumblings about what has been going on – and what has kept me away from the site for so long.

The main cause for delay in posting is that I have it ingrained in my head that every blog post needs to be accompanied by dozens of edited pictures.  After all, who wants to read my dribble if it isn’t sandwiched in between some pics of my adorable kiddos, right?  So…the problem with this mindset is that it takes me so long (around an hour) to sort the pics, edit the pics, crop the pics, upload the pics, etc…and it is just difficult to find an uninterrupted hour in our schedule.  To be clear, I sincerely miss posting on this site, so I will definitely be making an effort to find the time in the coming months.

Let’s see…what else have we been up to?  Well, all three kiddos finished up soccer and school and have been enjoying another fun-filled summer with Jen.  There’s been trips to the zoo, Water World, soccer camps, Girl Scout camps, museums, Butterfly Pavilions, and more!  I think Jen is going to need a vacation to recover from her vacation.

What’s that you say?…vacation?  Well perfect!  We leave in just 36 hours for our annual two-week excursion to Michigan.  I know I say it each year, but I honestly am having a hard time waiting to leave.  I’m not sure it would be possible to long for something more than I do about our trip to the cottage.  There are so many special memories of years past…and so many special memories yet to be made.  It is quite possibly my favorite place on the planet.

So…there you have it.  A little run-down of where things are at.  Again, I promise to be better about getting this site back into gear.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer…and I’ll be back bloggin’ in a few weeks!  And you honestly didn’t think I could do an entire post without at least one picture did you?  Here’s a pic of us this past Easter (and trust me, this was the best of the bunch…not sure what was going on with faces that day!)

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  1. Mom (aka Grandma)

    Wow, Can’t believe I missed this blog post….of course I didn’t expect an entry so close to vacation. You surprised me. Thanks. Glad you had a great time in Michigan. Miss you.

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