About Us

If you’re familiar with our site, then please don’t let us hold you up – you are free to start browsing around…however, if you’re new here, perhaps we can provide a little bit of detail as to exactly what this site has to offer.

For some time now, we have been keeping a blog updated on a (fairly) regular basis.  The goal of the blog …was mainly to keep our friends and family updated on our kiddos, as well as fun things happening in our lives.  We have family and friends spread out all over the country – and some of them aren’t lucky enough to see us that often, so this provided a wonderful opportunity to keep them up to speed.  As the years have passed, we have found that we really love the idea of a blog (even if we can’t stand the term!).  We get lots of enjoyment out of keeping it updated…and based on the feedback we receive, others have enjoyed it as well.

In an effort to keep up to speed with all the internet has to offer, we decided to abandon the ‘cookie-cutter’ themed blogs that are all over the place, and build our own site with a little more of a personal touch.  During your visit to oldweiler.com, you will be able to browse stories about our family … view pictures of our adventures … keep up to date on what we’re doing … etc.  We feel the setup of this page will provide everyone a clean and simple way to stay up to date…and we hope you love it as much as we do!!

Enjoy your visit!